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Who are we?

We started out making cakes for family and friends. Had such a blast with it we decided to open Cake & Islands in Dennis Port.  Not only we do cakes, other baked goods and sea glass candy are integral to Cake & Islands.

Sadie and Sammie, our two delightful kids, are our guinea pigs either giving a thumbs up or thumbs down for all of our baked experiments.  We do make sure they go to the dentist to mind their sweet tooth and run them around for fitness sake to compensate for all those sweet tastings!

Steve played around with French macarons one day, years ago.  Steve is such a stickler for perfection that he baked hundreds of macarons until he finally mastered the crispy and chewy texture synonymous to these unctuous treats that are out of this world.  He got such a kick out of it that we decided to add them to our dessert repertoire.

For Cake & Islands, we had our eye on dessert tables for the YUM factor never mind the eye-catching display.  How much fun is it to go to a party and see the marvelous sweets buffet like a kid in a candy store? The mind boggling options! Whether you're planning a wedding, birthday, or shower, we got you covered so you can focus on your hosting duties or just as importantly, be the life of your party and kick it up with your guests.

The sea glass candy craze was simply a happy accident for us. We first made them as decorative pieces for a friend's birthday because she loved sea glass. We were encouraged by people's enthusiasm for the candy that we started selling them in other retail stores on and off the Cape and shipped nationwide.

Together, we are always thinking outside the box making Cake & Islands an exciting adventure!


Carolyn and Steve

Life is uncertain; eat dessert first!
— Ernestine Ulmer